The campus is located at Jamnia about 6 kms. from Indore. A generous 8 acres, land developed looking to the surrounding. The premises facilities enable the school to excel further in range of opportunities and experience that can be offered to its students. The architecture is modern, spacious, well planned and attractive in its country settings. It has a ring of classrooms all of which open into a central courtyard, providing a very spacious look, an integral part for conducting the co-curricular activities.


Each classroom is equipped with smart class connection, comfortable furniture, teaching aids etc. The rooms are designed spaciously with proper ventilation.

Pre Primary Zone

Classrooms are specially designed for tiny toddlers. Colourful, happy and lively rooms attract them to their first home, with a little pinch of work and a spice of learning, where caring teachers shower love and affection while catering to individual needs. We promote children to be independent learners, as we encourage them to question, explore, apply and test out what they know and can do through enquiry based learning.

Computer Lab

Online and satellite transmission has revolutionised education sector widening its scope beyond geographic and demographic barrier. The computer lab is equipped with sufficient PCs. connect in a LAN and have high speed internet connection of getting online information for the students.

The Dining Hall

We ensure that nutritious, hygienic and well cooked vegetarian food is served with a love and care. Wherein, table manners and dinning graces are also imbibed.


A kingdom of fairy tales, story books, encyclopaedias, dictionaries and other knowledge books. Here students are encouraged to develop reading habit equipping them to explore the world around them. We believe that the pursuit to knowledge is not confined to classrooms. A department of holistic development of a child and a saloon to groom his personality.

Audio Visual Room

Visual memory is everlasting hence a mini theatre with a LCD projector and interactive board is designed for the students.

Play Room

The play way world, animals, birds, cartoon character Disneyland give physical and mental comfort which satisfies the need of recreation of the children. Their craze for making sand castles, riding tricycles, building block houses or engineering the interior of doll's house carve their creativity and give way to their dream world.

The Fleet

Safe and comfortable transport by a well maintained fleet of buses has been managed. Trained drivers and attendants will ensure that students spend a stress free tune commuting.

Co-Curricular Activities

Every individual is bestowed with immense talents, what is required is proper guidance to develop those talents. Students will be guided by well trained and experienced hands in music and dance. Art and craft activities world be conducted giving wings to their creative world.


Sports field serves to be the nurturing ground for the overall personality development of an individual team sports like Cricket, Football and Basketball help to develop leadership qualities and encourage team work and co-operation. Keeping the same view separate grounds for these sports have been developed. Individual sports like Skating, Badminton, Athletic aim at responsible behaviours, facilities for these sports are also available.